Russell has started an auction for advertising on The Mobile Weblog. It is a nine-day auction and the first day scored US$41 so far. Don’t miss your chance to place your banner 120×90 on his highly trafficked site:

TJ and I came up with a pretty cool idea recently, which I think is unique – but I’m sure we’ll find someone who’ll claim it’s been done before 🙂

Why not auction off advertising space on blogs on eBay? So I placed an ad this morning to sell off the ad space you can see on the top right of the blog for a month. You can see it – and bid on it! – here.

It’s a bit of a punt, but if it works, it could be a great way to connect advertisers with bloggers, which is what eBay does so well. And if it enables bloggers to be rewarded for their work, I’d be delighted.

If you’re a blogger reading this, I’d really appreciate a link to this post – the more people see it, the more likely it is to work and the more likely it is that it’ll start something big for all of us.

And for eBay, it could be a new billion dollar market.

Advertising on blogs is going to be the next big thing, in my opinion. It offers very tight targeting, no wastage and offers the same accountability that has resulted in online advertising growing like crazy in the last few years. All that’s needed is a way to connect the buyers and sellers and there you are.

Of course, the next problem to manage will be how a professional media buyer manages the millions of potential blogs in the inventory. This will require a whole new skill set that doesn’t really exist right now.

My interest is twofold. Yes, I’d like a little money for blogging (who wouldn’t)?

But I’ve also been working with TJ on a business model based on helping bloggers monetize their efforts, so it could have wider implications. Creative Weblogging is a new breed of micro publishers and publishes this site along with about 20 others you can see listed on the right.

We find great bloggers (or potential great bloggers), help them find their voice and help them build an audience for the blog. Then, we sell advertising on their blogs to give them an income.

I love businesses where everyone wins. Bloggers win. Readers get great blogs. Advertisers get great audiences.

So if you’ve got an idea for a blog and want some help monetizing it, get in touch Russell at creative-weblogging dot com

Otherwise, get bidding :-)”

Your Creative Weblogging Team